Saturday, October 3, 2009

Photoshop pics of Sam

Cutie Samantha

Cropped, color and saturation improved
Blk/wht with color eyes

Ice cream time!!!

Pink hair!!

Photoshop art

Photoshopped images. The apple started life out being red Light tones


Dark Tones

Friday, October 2, 2009

Crappy, crappy week

It was not a very good week....I was PMSing grrrr. I almost started crying in sculpture on Tuesday night and I actually did last night! I rather hate being a girl sometimes....And this morning when I woke up I felt all sick and shaky. My head hurts, and I have work tonight...... The sick/shaky feeling is gone though.
So Tuesday, I'm all working on my sculpture and Loren comes over and says "the eyes are too small" I told him I knew that but didn't want to redo them, so he gouges them out!! Puting finger indents in the hair and smooshing parts of both ears and then he comes and scrapes the bangs off, and digs clay away from the cheek area. So then I'm working on the eyes last night and Don and Loren come over and Don goes, "why are you putting that there?" pointing at the top eyelids I had put on, he says "you can't see your top lid when your eyes are open" so Loren scrapes more clay away and I just start crying! I was feeling so inadequet because me and one other person have not started the latex/cheese cloth process, and the other guy's head looks like total crap and I just want this project to be done with!!!