Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recent Happenings

So school has been going well, I'm enjoying my 3 on-campus classes (sculpture, photoshop, and english (shock!), I hate my online classes (thank goodness that one is over already!!). Work is a way to make money, and that is all I'm saying about that! I turned my first English paper in on the 24th, and I think I did pretty well on it. In sculpture the advanced students have been working on making realistic models of our own heads out of clay so that we can cover them in latex and cheese cloth to make a mold so we can due casts and then there can be like 50 of my heads floating randomly around ridgecrest (plaster, cement, and resin are things we can use to cast the mold)!! After I get the head finished (which I have rather been hating it until just last week when I put the hair on) then I can work on my fence panel (yay!! ^^) and hopefully get that finished this semester so that I can come up with some exciting new thing to work on for spring semester! Nothing really exciting is happening so...that is all.....

I'll put some pictures of my clay head up soon, and post pics as I do the latex/cheese cloth process.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Life Path

I have perceived a plan for how my Life will go....or at least the way I want it to go.
I want to finish off my Associate of Art degree in Fine Arts in the next 1-2 years and then earn my Bachelor of Art or Fine Art in Graphics Design from an online school, and then after that get a super hip job working for a web or LA based company doing graphic art/design. After getting this job, me and my Hunny are going to save up some money to build the perfect house for us.