Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Four shows I like to watch...
1. Project Runway
2. Ace of Cakes
3. Planet Earth/Blue Plant/Life/Documentaries about Earth and Outer Space
4. Food Network Challenge

Four things I'm passionate about...
1. Art
2. Don <3
3. Finishing school
4. Having an amazing life with my Love ^^

Four phrases I say a lot...
1. "I love you, hunny buns/babe/boo/pie"
2. "True Story"
3. "I know, huh?"
4. "Oh my gosh! You know what?"

Four things I have learned from the past...
1. Trust my best friend when she tells me something important
2. Ask my mom for directions
3. Always love myself and not care what other people think
4. Enjoy life

Four places I want to go...
1. Europe
2. Australia/New Zealand
3. NYC
4. Orlando Florida

Four things I did yesterday...
1. Work
2. Read most of my chapter for Government
3. Went to class
4. Did some math homework

Four things I'm looking forward to...
1. Getting married ^^
2. Finishing school
3. Starting my career
4. Buying wedding shoes

Four things I love about spring
1. Rain (sometimes)
2. Sunshine and warmth
3. Snakes coming out
4. not being cold

Four things on my wish list...
1. Having an amazing wedding
2. Diamond ring ^^
3. Getting A's in all my classes
4. Having enough money to live comfortably

Four people to tag...

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